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What are we up to lately?

Here are a few spy shots for you to see some of our recent designs.

A Traditional Porch for Clients in Bolton ON

This Victorian Porch design took 5 revisions to make the clients happy– but, when they saw the final rendering our customer told us she nearly “Fell out of Her Bed”. She was excited and astonished at how it turned out. No more revisions!!

The permit drawings are finished and they are currently applying for permissions. It is a Historical Home so, it did require special permission from the Historical Society.

A Pergola with Fireplace and TV

A Pergola Design with a Fireplace and TV in Woodbridge ON

We designed this pergola along with a matching garden building this spring. The client insisted on everything being clad with PVC– so it took a little longer to build than normal. Tony did a fabulous job.

We developed 3D details for Tony to work from. He was experienced doing fine woodwork and what we designed was right up his alley. With the designs that we provided he told us that it went very smoothly. This is the second project we have designed for Tony.

A cabana concept design and construction drawings

A Pool Cabana in Illinois

This Cabana features a full kitchen and stand-up bar, a lounge area, and a covered eating area. There is even a hot tub area off to the side.

We produced photorealistic concept plans and full permit plans as well. It is currently being built by our client.

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