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3 Bed, 3 Bath Basement Layout in Barrie

Lets put an apartment in our basement!

Houses are expensive. What better way to pay your mortgage off faster than to create an apartment in your home? 

These clients had already contracted a company to install the exterior entrance staircase and a door. They were just not happy with the layout provided by the builder. 

Our Basement Design Concepts

We pulled the existing plan into 3D from their layout.    Before plans

Looking at the space full size is always helpful when laying out a basement for renovations. We confirmed the placement of windows, plumbing as well as heating to be sure of where walls could go and not. 

Like most renovation layouts, there were a couple of versions produced before the client was satisfied. Small changes often happen during the build as well. 

We maintained 3 bedrooms, and 3 baths, but, and made it feel spacious and functional with good sized communal spaces. The hallways are wider than the entrance door, which means moving in and moving out should be easy, and, the whole residence should feel larger than it is. The third bedroom has a shower beneath the staircase landing–but, it works. 

We kept the kitchen functional without a table and utilized bar-style seating in the layout. 

We had a fairly tight budget to work within on this design, but, we did produce some 3D Renderings for critical areas. 

3D concept basement renovation

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