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We Were Builders First

If you have worked with a designer, you may have found that sometimes the process is complicated by details that don’t quite work.

We started as carpenters first. Framers and trim specialists.

Frustrations with designers and architects that had no building experience had us wringing our hands. Do we just build what they ask and keep our mouths shut even when we know it may not last and in the end, that failure will reflect on us?

Our specialty is inspired details, illustrated in 3D or 3D photorealism.

We have 2 other websites. Please visit.
www.gardenstructure.com www.designersdecks.com

The Next Generation of Construction Drawings

“Interpretation” is a Dirty Word. 2D detailing is open to interpretation. That means it is inherently unclear.

3D brings everything into sharp focus. The descriptive text reinforces the designer’s intentions.

Unbounded Possibilities

Concept designs are all about exploring what is possible.

When we design an architectural space we prefer to look at numerous possibilities. It’s an exercise in creativity first–then we can make the details work.


Design/ Build or

Managed Build

We are happy to help you design your deck, basement, or addition, or even just a feature like a facade, entrance or kitchen, or bath.

Our purpose is to make your project perfect and enable your builder to create something that ages gracefully and lasts longer than most.

We have some of the best builders in Ontario that will be happy to build what we design and we are happy to oversee your build.

For clients that we fit well with we are happy to handle the project management for you.

Our end goal is for your project to go so smoothly that you can’t imagine working without us.

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