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About 1987 we discovered that there was something Landscape Architects and Residential Architects did not do well.

Fine details like entrances, trim, bookcases, and built-in features were typically transposed from historical books by architects and architectural designers. Copying details from others is not “Design”.

For this reason, we started to develop our unique detailing for renovation and construction. When designs are created for a certain circumstance it will always work better than cut-and-paste detailing.

Landscape Architects will confirm they received a couple of weeks of instruction on outdoor structures. On average, they tend to copy details from books, images, etc. When it comes time to build it, there are normally no details included.

We started as carpenters– We put in 5 years of learning frame carpentry and trim carpentry. That means we know how things are built and can show the details.

During the past 35 years, we have created details that look better and last longer. In the design craft experience matters.

Addition Concept Design

Addition Concepts & Construction Drawings

When it comes to addition concepts people have a hard time imagining what their dream home will look like. For this reason, all additions need photorealistic renderings. These help regular people see it exactly before committing to a design. Our renderings look just like the big builders strive to provide will help you visualize your Addition.

Construction drawings are a common thing–but, when the plan is complex with unique details, these can be challenging to help the builders get it right.

Whenever you can make things easier for the builders to achieve, you save money. If they don’t have to guess, the bid prices are often lower since they don’t have to “Figure it Out”.

Options include:

  • Line Art
  • Greyscale
  • Colour
  • Full Photorealistic Renderings
  • 3D Detailing

Landscape Design

Step up your Landscaping Game with a cutting-edge landscape design from Composite materials have come a long way, so, we use modern materials wherever possible. There are also modern elements like louvered and polycarbonate roofs, so, why not create sheltered areas where it makes sense? These elements can increase durability, and, offer a practical improvement to the space. That’s why our landscape designs are designed to last decades with minimal maintenance.

  • 3D Photorealistic Concepts in Greyscale or Color
  • Decks, Patios and Walkways
  • Planting beds and Planting Plans
  • Overhead Structures and Cabanas
  • Outdoor Fireplaces and our own unique details
  • Working Drawings and Landscape Construction Drawings
  • Permit Drawings

Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are the most important part of renovations, that’s why we put more time into the planning than you might expect. Washrooms are pricy things to build right, so, rightfully, options should be explored in photorealistic designs.

  • Proper Renderings (Shown here– to show you precisely how the finishes will look.
  • Custom Glass Design.
  • Being experienced tilesetters, we can suggest very unique stone and tile and edging options.
  • Curbless showers
  • Kerdi is specified in every bathroom design.
Kitchen Designer Mississauga

Kitchen Design

Modern kitchen design involves far more than a decade ago. It’s about options–for this reason, most kitchens involve the removal of walls and extensive structural changes to the home. Why just replace cabinets when you can rethink the entire space. To truly envision what could be, an expert renovation planner is required. That’s why we always render kitchens in 3D.

  • On top of just the kitchen our design team can move doors and walls as part of the project.
  • Custom islands and cabinetry.
  • We design in all the modern amenities you can imagine.
  • Flooring and wall finishes are specified as part of the full design service
Deck Design Toronto

Deck Designers

Can you tell? This is a rendering to show clients how their home could look. Most importantly, this helps customers visualize exactly what it will look like in the end.

We can just do layouts, or 3D Rough Sketches, Greyscale or even full photorealistic designs like you see here.

  • Concept Layouts and Specifications
  • Photorealistic Renderings (Shown Here)
  • Permit Plans featuring our own 3d Detailing, designed to make your deck last decades.
  • Site Visits to measure up if required.
  • BCIN Approved details if required.
DIY Plans and Designs

DIY / Instructional Detailing

We are a full-service DIY design house sending artwork around the globe. We started out just designing in wood with 2D plans, but, nowadays it’s all about the 3D detailing. It makes the project easier and more efficient.

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Photorealistic Renderings
  • Clear illustrations of step by step process
  • Builder developed tips and techniques you will not find anywhere else.
  • Licensing available for special projects and inventions / prototypes.

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