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We are 3D Design Rendering Experts

Why settle for what everyone else is doing? Simple, sensible designs that age more gracefully are our standard. We are not bound to just one style of Architectural Design.

Let us help you create a plan for your builder that will make sense and maximize your return on investment.

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Renovation Design

Renovations are far more complicated than building from nothing. Experience is key to determining possibilities and working with what is there. 30 years of renovations and construction experience helps us keep your project on track.

Addition Design

An addition is your chance to add some drama to your home’s facade. Let’s make design magic!

Landscape Design

Landscape design courses normally have a week or two devoted to structure design. We were carpenters first. We know what lasts. If you want to see some projects we have built in the past, click here.

3D Photorealistic Designs

3D Design is 10% know-how and 90% art.

We put love into our illustrations and strive to keep them to scale and include the actual details in the rendering. We want you to know precisely what your home will look like when the crews are done.

Deck Design

NOBODY designs a deck the way we do. When you want a showpiece deck designed with an eye to functionality and durability, speak with us first! We are the design house of choice for and

DIY, Step by Step Illustrations

We are the design house that does illustrations for The Western Red Cedar Lumber Association uses our DIY plans and has for the past dozen years or so. If you have a prototype you need to be illustrated or are considering creating a DIY Plan or Step by Step Instruction set– Get in touch.

Most Recent

Design Projects

An addition and deck concept for clients in Connecticut. The screened room features a wrap-around cedar deck and skylights. Architectural designs should always include photorealistic renderings in 3D.

Addition Design photorealistic rendering